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Orlagh, Ellie, Eilish, Lucy, Linus, (Rocket and Angus hiding), Jethro, Belle, Jazz and Halo


Welcome to our page.


We are taking new dogs but due to the huge increase in pets over the course of the Pandemic and increased population of the area, we are having to be selective.   Some, so called "Covid-Puppies" have struggled with socialization so we are being extremely careful to match the right dogs.

We conduct evaluation of all new dogs which are held by appointment on Tuesdays.  These are fully booked up until November.


We are also not able to accept any dog that has been imported into Canada from a "Rescue" within the last 2 years.  If your dog has been imported from abroad please make sure it has had a clear Brucellosis test before contacting us.  This is for the health of all our guests.


We remind you of our policy of No Dog Parks.  Aside from the countless behavioural issues associated, there is a very serious strain of Kennel Cough circulating.  Dog parks are  known to be the source of several viruses and pathogens that our guests are not immune to, especially with the recent increased number of imported dogs.  


Thank you for caring for all our guests.

2023 Closure dates.    


Please be aware that we will be closed after Pick Up on Friday 27th October until Drop Off Tuesday 21st October.


Thank you for supporting our mental and physical wellbeing! :) 

A very warm welcome to Kinder Kennels...home of the Puppy Palace!

Whether it's obedience training, doggie day care, boarding or agility club you are after, or even just need to pop in and give your dog a wash, we are here to help. With the County's newest and most prestigious facility, Kinder Kennels provides a safe environment for your dog to spend the day or overnight visits in absolute luxury.

Each dog has his or her own room to relax in with their own outdoor "ensuite" area. Large play pens with exclusive K9 grass allows dogs to play or relax outside without getting dirty. A large indoor play room with specially designed flooring allows dogs to have just as much fun on rainy and snowy days whilst protecting their joints and limbs.

All dogs are very carefully vetted before being allowed to stay so the right play buddies are selected and everyone can have as much fun safely as possible. From our favourite chihuahuas to our glorious Leonburger and Newfoundland dogs.

Our next obedience course will begin after the Pandemic has rescinded.  It will be a 6 week course held over 7 weeks. 


The Puppy Palace is beautifully situated in a field below the road away from the traffic. The trade off for this brilliant location is a tricky driveway. During periods of snow or ice, the driveway can be difficult to navigate even with 4 x 4 and winter tyres (yes I'm English!!!). To that end, we try and post updates of The Kinder Pass on our facebook page. If you are not sure whether you can drive back up, please use our lovely parking area by the Barn and take the opportunity to walk down the scenic driveway. Thank you in advance and safe travels this winter. Similarly the heavy Ontario rains can cause damage so please be patient with us as our landscaper is the best in the area so always extremely busy.

Ensuite Boarding

DIY Dog Wash

Doggy Day Care



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