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Ellie was born on 17th June 2002 in Rendcomb England. As soon as Anna collected her that was it love! Anna was determined to have the best trained dog on base and set about training Ellie like no other. Already sitting at aged 10 weeks when they moved to Germany Ellie became a star at dog school. Moving every 2 years became a habit and as long as her bed was in the car, Ellie was ready for the next place.

At aged 2 Ellie and Anna were posted to Joint Headquarters in Monchengladbach. Here they would walk past the dog school every Saturday: Ellie showing off with her "heal", impressing everyone at school. Until one day she was invited to come in. This became a weekly event until Anna and Ellie ended up teaching half the class and then standing in when Dave Mair MBE was away.

Each new posting was a new dog school and Ellie set about showing the other dogs what they could achieve. And so it was inevitable that Anna would retire and work with dogs. Kinder Kennels was born.

Ellie moved to Canada in October 2012 with her pack mate Orlagh. 9 years her junior, it was Ellie that taught Orlagh her manners and they became great companions. Retiring from the Army life, Ellie and the pack moved to Ontario to Ellie's Farm and enjoyed nearly 3 years of meandering through the field and woods. She adored the beach and her swims with Anna, Hali and Shiloh at the boat launch.

Ellie died at 14 years and 8 months of age and left a big hole in our hearts. She had made an impact wherever she went. A wonderful dog, companion and friend, Ellie was there for Anna who owes her new life entirely to her.

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